Vinyasa Flow with a Touch of Yin Yoga


This class will combine an active, flowing style of yoga with a cool, steady stillness. Students will experience Vinyasa yoga, a sweet, fluid style of movement in which breath serves as a bridge between body and mind to offer focus, challenge and pleasure. Yin Yoga, will be interwoven, in which students embrace stillness to aid the body into passive, delicious stretch. Through careful sequencing of poses students learn to experience their yoga practice as a moving meditation. Students develop strength, flexibility and balance while integrating effort and stability with ease and comfort. Precise verbal cues, combined with optional hands-on adjustment, directs students’ safe and healthy alignment. Music may help maintain a steady rhythm as well as invite stillness of body and mind. Less experienced students will receive instruction on the fundamentals of this form while
intermediate level students build on and challenge themselves with more strenuous sequences. Each class weaves together a combination of familiarity and newness.

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